Zimbra Clear Redo Log

June 2, 2018 - Server Maintenance
Zimbra Clear Redo Log

Hi there,

To my surprise, zimbra is creating a lot of redo log that will clog up your server and eat disk space. After researching on the net today, I found out that the redo log could be deleted safely without affecting your zimbra server. But the services must be disabled first and for safety, only delete redolog that at least a month old.

Stop the service as Zimbra user

su – zimbra

zmcontrol stop

Go to redo log archive directory

cd /opt/zimbra/redolog/archive/

List the files

ls -lah

Just delete the files that at least a month old. You could use something like rm -f redo-201806* to delete all files that start with redo-201806 in its file name.

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