Newcomer Review – Internet Solusi Prima

February 4, 2019 - Newcomer
Newcomer Review – Internet Solusi Prima

Welcome to Newcomer section, new section on SysAdminLog for reviewing a new comer that worth to be reviewed. In this category, we will give some insight for newcomers, about what they do, which products do they had, and possibly some evaluation for their offering. This review is fully dependent, no other party is reviewing first, unless stated otherwise.

Internet Solusi Prima (ISP for short), is a new Internet service provider which based on Surabaya, Indonesia. According to their website, they offered pretty much products, such as VPS, VPN, VoIP beside their main services.

We had a chance to review their offering in VPS, and this is our personal experience when using it.

Spec Wise

We got in hand to test their basic VPS for evaluation purpose. With 2 CPU core, 1 GB RAM, and 20 GB of SSD storage. Included as a standard on their package, we also got 1 Public IP Address and the option to assign PTR record (Take a note, the assigned PTR record must be the same as the A Record per their policy).

The representative told us that they use Xeon machine E5 with RAID 10 SSD. Unfortunately, they refused to told us about the generation of its Xeon CPU. So, our testing will be solely depend on the spec that they had give to us.

To be continued for extended testing..

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