LibreOffice 6.0, Windows 10, and ThinkPad X220

June 2, 2018 - Misc
LibreOffice 6.0, Windows 10, and ThinkPad X220

Hi there,

Just got my ThinkPad X220 (second hand) and installed Windows 10 Pro (with Windows 7 serial number that attached on this machine). After seeing that LibreOffice just released its 6 version, I decided to give it a try.

Installing is run flawlessly, without any errors. But to my surprise, LibreOffice 6.0 won’t run and hanging on its startup screen. Trying the Dev version is also no luck, hang at splash screen with 30% of CPU usage.

Interesting enough, LibreOffice could start on Safe mode, the special mode where they disable all extensions, user configuration, and so on.

Since this is a fresh installation of LibreOffice and I believe that I don’t have any user extensions, the first option that came into my mind is to Disable hardware acceleration (OpenGL, OpenCL). After clicking Apply Changes and Restart button, LibreOffice would start happily.

It seems that my graphic card (Intel HD 3000) is not supporting OpenGL (or maybe it was supported but use different implementation), well, I don’t know exactly. Since it past midnight, I don’t have any energy to research furthermore.


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