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Newcomer Review – Internet Solusi Prima
Welcome to Newcomer section, new section on SysAdminLog for reviewing a new comer that worth to be reviewed. In this category, we will give some insight [...]
These easy steps could help your organization free from any viruses or malware
1. Never use any illegal software If you could not afford original software, just use their open source alternatives. For example, you could use Linux [...]
UniFi Controller – Repair DB
Tested on UniFi 5.9.29 on Debian 9 Create SSH connection to server (we will call it Session 1) Stop unifi service service unifi stop Make sure mongodb and [...]

It’s been a while, but I decided to take a chance for bringing my ZenWatch to ASUS Center.

Asus ZenWatch 2 LCD Strange Problem
cPanel / WHM – Could not complete sender verify
These error messages has been reported by one of our users. 2018-09-29 08:42:18 H=(xxxx.xxxxxx.xxxxx) [yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy]:30000 [...]
Google Chrome – Clear DNS Cache
It occurs to me when my NS Server is down due to late payment for renewal. I must change all NS to a new NS that I still have control. It seems that Google [...]
MySQL Cluster – Missing Piece
If you are brave enough to using latest version of MySQL Cluster (current version: 7.6.6) keep in mind that some settings has been moved. For example, if [...]
CredSSP error while connecting to RDP
Hi there, Lately, I found an error while trying to connect to RDP server. It seems that Microsoft break the CredSSP encryption scheme on its last update. [...]
LibreOffice 6.0, Windows 10, and ThinkPad X220
Hi there, Just got my ThinkPad X220 (second hand) and installed Windows 10 Pro (with Windows 7 serial number that attached on this machine). After seeing [...]
Zimbra Clear Redo Log
Hi there, To my surprise, zimbra is creating a lot of redo log that will clog up your server and eat disk space. After researching on the net today, I [...]